Ivo Xr
Ivo Xr Pred 15 urami
This car is actually ugly and the interior red is so bright it also makes it ugly, if it were some cheap shitbox with a quirky design Doug would have said 37 times throughout the video how ugly it is but he has to praise it because it's so absurdly expensive.
Ian Pilgreen
Ian Pilgreen Pred 15 urami
17:49 You can get a Telluride for over $40,000 LESS than a TRX that has Heated & Cooler rear seats lol
Christian Baneky
Christian Baneky Pred 15 urami
Go follow my Instagram at christian_b922
Josh Spoerl
Josh Spoerl Pred 15 urami
You lost me at V6
Christian Baneky
Christian Baneky Pred 15 urami
Everyone go follow my Instagram at christian_b922
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders Pred 15 urami
savedJedi Pred 15 urami
It looks like a Marty McFlys super version of you-know-what time machine!
Aphrid Pred 15 urami
Next gen of the challenger will be the dodge devil with 1250 horsepower
Ordersforsplitdogs Pred 15 urami
First curved infotainment system? What about the Taycan?
Jaden lee
Jaden lee Pred 15 urami
the 19k disliked people might have a hummer h2.
AWESOME MAN Pred 15 urami
Talk about dedication, I can’t believe Doug reads every single page of a manual before reviewing a car 🚗
tom martin
tom martin Pred 15 urami
You’ll have to buy a hummer H2 for your second vehicle so you can save on fuel.
tom martin
tom martin Pred 15 urami
With 700 hp you will be able to get to the gas stations quicker to fill up on that 10 mile per gallon gas guzzler.
Snaps Pred 15 urami
If u have enough money to buy the car I think the options aren’t gonna hurt you
D Howard
D Howard Pred 15 urami
Ford Shelby F-150 775hp ummm fastest who? Cmon Doug.......
ariel estrada
ariel estrada Pred 15 urami
“Serious track use”.... that would be the track around Starbucks for the drive-thru.
martin prisc
martin prisc Pred 15 urami
8:43 I'm dying. Also, it's funny to see only three cars Dougscored, and one is the LFA. And the other is his Range Rover. Highly comparable!
Monika Wesolowski
Monika Wesolowski Pred 15 urami
Cool looking piece of shit
Bongoboy78 Pred 15 urami
Take a shot every time Doug says Circle
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson Pred 15 urami
Mm = mm (for those of you confused.com)
ariel estrada
ariel estrada Pred 15 urami
The turn signal feels great because its barely ever been used! A well-preserved piece.
TermlessGHM Pred 15 urami
Yea right D. You dogged a massive bullet with the 4 cylinder after watching TFL Defender disaster.
E Double
E Double Pred 15 urami
My 2010 Sequoia has 3rd row power reclining seats and is 11 years older than this gv80. @ the 6 min mark you said you've never seen that at any price point. I invite you to come review my 2010 Sequoia! It might surprise you!
macanga hassan
macanga hassan Pred 15 urami
your just jealous of elon musk fuck you hater
DatSaltyGamer Pred 15 urami
The E in TRX stands for Eco friendly 😂
Dan Coltan
Dan Coltan Pred 15 urami
Doug your website “Carsandbids” is not new anymore...
ariel estrada
ariel estrada Pred 15 urami
Doug: "It's not wildly fast.." YES IT IS. It's 700HP and does sub 4 second 0-60. That's fast. Period.
Paul-Sebastian Manole
Paul-Sebastian Manole Pred 15 urami
They can always make something less efficient but exciting but they can hardly always come up with something more efficient but exciting at the same time. And that's why we have excess and don't care about it.
Spoderman Pred 15 urami
One of my biggest pet peeves with my 2015 King Ranch is having to wait 2 seconds for the power running boards to deploy. I step on them all the time while they're still moving, especially when getting out, and almost bust my ass.
YINSIN MUREY Pred 15 urami
4:58 Suki POV.
Oscar Salazar
Oscar Salazar Pred 15 urami
Now that’s a REAL “RAM” AIR INTAKE... sorry aftermarket world lol .
Sketo Twa
Sketo Twa Pred 15 urami
They spent all that money on a large grill instead of spending it on improving vanos.
Paul-Sebastian Manole
Paul-Sebastian Manole Pred 15 urami
20:40 what a f-ing fraud. You don't give a damn about the environment as long as you're happy.
Colin Gwilliam
Colin Gwilliam Pred 15 urami
Thanks Doug for this. I was sure I was going to pick one of these up eventually and after all you revealed, hard pass...
Sutton’s Super Stars
Sutton’s Super Stars Pred 16 urami
Doug 101. THIS is how you climb stairs!
Derek B.
Derek B. Pred 16 urami
Maine has no mods so there is 2 in the world
Sutton’s Super Stars
Sutton’s Super Stars Pred 16 urami
Daddy Doug.. most campers use 30 amp 240volt.. washing machines.. get the hell outta here..
Vincenzo Pred 16 urami
10 MPG... Perfect😈😈
Aldrin Phillips
Aldrin Phillips Pred 16 urami
Love your enthusiasm but maybe slow down a tad bit. Sounds like your gonna be having a heart attack.
Chance ecnahC
Chance ecnahC Pred 16 urami
Anyone here from cs188?
Pred 15 urami
Michael Janicki
Michael Janicki Pred 16 urami
OMG, can't wait for review of the best version of CLS!
i-tech Digital
i-tech Digital Pred 16 urami
Check out 6:56
Youtube YouTube
Youtube YouTube Pred 16 urami
"To use tools" "on the job site" You and I both know the center table is for eating, Doug. I can't lie to myself.
Алексей Хотыненко
Алексей Хотыненко Pred 16 urami
Kind of... boring.
Ryan Stokely
Ryan Stokely Pred 16 urami
If you lined up the new gmc up to the Ford the ecoboost would smoke it
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee Pred 16 urami
5:01 Drooooooool
Mateja Đokić
Mateja Đokić Pred 16 urami
3:09 - How COVID 19 started
I. C. Spotz
I. C. Spotz Pred 16 urami
Worthless tires on an otherwise ok Ford, except for the puke yellow color. Cartoon Balloon tires are skis on ice and snow, slide slick as snot in mud and yield no forward movement on any semi challenging surface. The tread design is engineered to be relatively quiet on normal road surfaces and in the processes gives up any hope of effectiveness off-road. The wide footpad gives no traction 'buoyancy' in wet or muddy mediums and by greater surface area increases the chance for hydroplaning on rain soaked highways. But they're great for the Marketing Department goons eager to sell to the ignorant misinformed public.
timmbos Pred 16 urami
And expect Bidens re-regulations on the fossil fuel industry to bring gas back up to 4 bucks a gallon soon. And this only averaging 10mpg? No thanks. Cool as hell...but no thanks.
Johnsonsbil29 Pred 16 urami
Yeah Doug, that's gonna be a no from me, sorry.
Casey Alvear
Casey Alvear Pred 16 urami
Never have I ever kicked the windshield in of a FORD!
4snowdog Pred 16 urami
Nice truck. Way too overpriced ! This guy gets on my nerves.
TOBS/KAM for memories.
TOBS/KAM for memories. Pred 16 urami
Ur all talking about history and legacy and what not but isnt Volvo owned by china ?
Daniel mzlos
Daniel mzlos Pred 16 urami
Even back in 89 they had really cool American and European cars, buicks for example, I don't know why anyone would buy a jalopy like this 🥴
Jason Spectre
Jason Spectre Pred 16 urami
It looks like a Kia. And at least when you buy the Kia, you get a 10 year warranty.
Drew Pred 16 urami
Fords the best
xohdanny Pred 16 urami
Okay when are we gonna get the dart hellcat
MrVsbt1 Pred 16 urami
The owner might want to get ammo nyc to give that car a decent paint correction
Doug N
Doug N Pred 16 urami
Pacifica’s suck. Junk. The quality isn’t even close to the Sienna
G Pred 16 urami
That's not 6 inches Doug, don't lie to yourself
noah Pred 16 urami
I have a hotwheels of this
CIN GRAPHX Pred 16 urami
Was that the Bronco Sport?!?!?!? DOUG!!! Put that vid up please
bmann2200 Pred 16 urami
Dodge Raptor?
HawkStable Pred 16 urami
3:45 What about Shelby Cobra and De Tomaso Mangusta?
Nathan Ruby
Nathan Ruby Pred 16 urami
Doug is the only person in the world who would have a TRX with a riden with a ridin with Biden bumper sticker.
Aevin Soriano
Aevin Soriano Pred 16 urami
There was a 12v car charger in the trunk but you said that there wasn’t any in the back
Theforcer 1
Theforcer 1 Pred 17 urami
i thought Shmee's voice was killing
agentlongwood Pred 17 urami
With all the models getting the hellcat motor, COME ON CARAVAN HELLCAT!
Sture Gurkson
Sture Gurkson Pred 17 urami
Ferrari copy corvet C8 😡
aydee 93
aydee 93 Pred 17 urami
pop popp
pop popp Pred 17 urami
Im here cause he didn't review an x6 :(
Amazing car !!!! But why did they paint it with that shitty silver colour ??????????
pop popp
pop popp Pred 17 urami
Less bold and generic! 5/10. Great score. This cars styling is so uninspired and boring.
pop popp
pop popp Pred 17 urami
Looks boring!!!!!?🙄
manganvbg90 Pred 17 urami
This is what the raptor gen 2 should have been, instead of thst vaccum cleaner engine. Signed, a ford fan
Shell Cracker
Shell Cracker Pred 17 urami
Fiat trash
Bipradeep Roy 12 A1
Bipradeep Roy 12 A1 Pred 17 urami
Sweptail: am i a joke to you??
Zoran Miric
Zoran Miric Pred 17 urami
Its not ONE of the worst ever made,it is THE worse ever made. I have driven it...a wooden box with wheels is better than yugo.
rambo4war Pred 17 urami
13:42 ... $1800 dollar car note AND 7.4 mpg...OUCH
The Champ
The Champ Pred 17 urami
It looks cheesy with the 5 foot box.